Personal Trainer Shows Workouts that Really Help You Lose Weight

Do you want to lose weight without going to gym?

Does the idea of joining a gym doesn’t sound appealing to you?

Well, forget gym then, and start your workouts right from your home. For professional help, a personal trainer might be of great help to you in learning the correct technique of doing workouts.

Once you learn the correct process, you can continue your practice at your home on your own. However, it’s important you hire a personal trainer with the correct certifications like the EPTI Personal Training Courses that I attended when I was studying to become a PT.

If you are still perplexed about the workouts you can practice at home to lose weight we’ll start with some simple and easy but effective workouts for you.

Jump Squats

The effort and force utilized in lifting your toes off the ground stretches your calf muscles and burns a lot of calories from your body.

And when you will repeat the same process several times in a day, you can imagine how much calories you will burn in a day, personal trainers can help you in learning various kinds of squats.


Jogging is the most versatile way of warming up your body. You can practice it anytime, in the morning or evening according to your schedule for the day. It an important cardio-workout and is very effective in losing weight in a very short span of time.

If you don’t feel like going outside for jogging, you can opt to stay at home and can do it while watching TV. You just have to get a nicepair of sports shoes to start with.

Leg lifts

Lie down on the ground and try lifting your legs one by one making ninety degree angle. If you find it difficult to keep your legs straight, you can bend them a bit from the knees. You can practice leg lifts by lifting your left leg and right leg in sequence or by liftingboth the legs simultaneously.

Fitness trainers begin with easy steps and gradually increase the levels of complexity, according to your body type and stamina.


You can practice lunges. Various lunges are meant to tone your body and the pressure required to practice them burns extra calories. Lunges burn fats from specific body parts such as thighs, buttocks and hips and therefore sculpts your body.


Push-ups are the most popular way of losing weight but generally, people don’t like them. Well, you don’t have to practice push-ups keeping your body completely straight, you can do knee push-ups. You can also practice them against the wall.

You can always mould these work-outs according to your comfort. After all the objective of workout is to stretch your muscles and tone your body, not to stress you with the methods.


Dancing is the most wonderful way of losing weight. Keeping your spirit high, dancing stimulates your blood circulation and improves your body functioning. Sweat expelled by the body detoxifies it and stress gets released from both your body and mind.

Personal trainers insist on including dancing in your daily routine. You can choose to dance on your favourite music. You won’t even feel it and you will lose so many calories while having fun.

How Your Diet Affects Your Skin – Are You Eating the Right Foods?

good skinEating a healthy diet is not just for people who want a sexy, toned body. If you’re suffering from acne and other skin problems, analyze the food that you eat. Are you eating too much junk? Are you a fast-food lover?

Studies have revealed that your diet plays a significant role when it comes to your skin’s overall appearance and health. There is no denying that your diet can give you the sexy and toned body that you’re looking for, but it doesn’t stop there. Your waistline isn’t the only thing that benefits when you follow a healthy diet. Foods rich in anti-oxidants can prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing, stops acne and stuff like stretch marks as well and gives your skin a more gorgeous glow.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants, making it the perfect addition to your daily diet. It’s not just about the skin care products that you use, but the glow should also start from within and this can be greatly achieved by eating the right foods.

Start eating healthy and get rid of junk foods and sweets. You won’t just feel better, but you’ll also look better. This is the most natural way to achieve that healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

Few Things to Know About The Jump Manual Program by Jacob Hiller

The Jump Manual is regarded as one of the excellent vertical leap programs. This is a complete guide to help the people to increase their vertical leap heights. Jacob Hiller, a trainer, has developed this amazing manual with excellent techniques and exercises to aid you improve your vertical jump. This is a complete training program that focuses to train you with the best training methodologies and also a systematic way to improve your vertical explosion. The training truly helps in enhancing your vertical leap. The program includes all the info that is needed to improve the jumping skills.

As mentioned in this post reviewing the jump manual, the program is created by Jacob Hiller, a renowned trainer who trained Olympic athletes and has also worked with NBA players. Jacob is one of the few trainers dealing exclusively with vertical jump training and has aided numerous athletes to enhance their vertical leap through his training program. Hiller has decades of experience in a vertical training field and has created a manual with exclusive techniques to help the people to enhance their vertical leap heights. If there was ever a doubt on why does the jump manual work the training package provides the proper methods of doing exercises and also instructs you with the right training techniques, flexibility and resistance training, diet or nutrition plans and more.

Benefits of using the jump manual

The jump manual offers many benefits to the user. It not only aids you in improving your vertical jump height, but also helps to improve your overall fitness and physical abilities. The manual also offers essential nutritional tips and plans to improve your health and fitness. The manual increases your confidence levels and helps to attain stronger physical fitness.


Jacob Hiller’s program is truly a complete package covering all the essential exercises and vertical explosion techniques. The program includes training video library, workout charts, nutritional plan, weight room alternatives, free updates and also membership forum access. The program also provides one-on-one training. If your goal is to increase your vertical leap heights, then you can easily reach your desired goals by utilizing this excellent vertical leap training program.

The jump manual review consists of warnings and precautions, introduction and also various chapters covering all the information required for improving the vertical jump heights. The jump manual mainly focuses on enhancing the physical strength, stamina and techniques to boost your vertical leap height. The initial chapters of this manual mainly focus on building strength to your legs and even endurance. With this program, it is possible for jumpers to increase their vertical jump heights.

The manual comes with 60 day trial package and money back guarantee, a huge advantage for doubters. It was also featured on Basketball workout tips several times as well as jumpmanual blog that showed that some of the exclusive features of this package are that it comes with a one-on-one training to focus and provide special attention to every individual utilizing this program. Jacob Hiller is the one who provides the one-on-one coaching to his customers.

Jump manual covers all the nine facets of vertical explosion and aids you to increase the vertical leap heights rapidly. The facets of explosive vertical leap are quickness, body composition, balance, flexibility, stability and more. The program covers all the vertical explosion techniques and enables you to do better in the sports.

Things to Discuss with a Trainer before starting a Body Transformation Program

A body transformation program can be truly safe and effective if it caters to your individual body type and requirement. One size fits all does not really apply to fitness training because each individual is different. But how do you know if a particular training program is well suited to your needs? To ensure this, always discuss certain issues with your fitness trainer before committing yourself. This way, you will not have to quit midway; disappointed, disillusioned and frustrated.

Discuss about your Present Fitness Level
Physical evaluation is an integral part of any body transformation program worth its name. Before you start working out, your trainer will make you go through a thorough assessment to get an idea of how fit you are. He will then create a workout plan for you that will include only those exercises which you are capable of performing at the moment. As part of your fitness evaluation, you will be asked to walk for a kilometer and your pulse rate will be measure both prior to and after this activity. Your BMI (body mass index) will also be considered and your waist circumference measured.

 body transformation program

Discuss all Medical Issues you may have
Always inform your trainer if you are above fifty years of age, lead a sedentary lifestyle and have any chronic health condition such as hypertension or diabetes. Discuss with him on how you can exercise without the risk of aggravating your condition. Body transformation program trainers have extensive knowledge on human physiology and on how to deal with emergency medical conditions. Once your trainer knows that you are suffering from a particular medical condition, he will modify your workout routine and keep an eye on you even while he supervises others in the group.

Discuss your Goals
No fitness program is complete without a proper goal. If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you will just go on exercising aimlessly. You will never see the result you desire no matter how hard or for how long you exercise. So before enrolling for The Dangerously Fit Weight Loss Challenge, discuss with your trainer what your exact target is. If you are confused, your trainer will listen to your aspirations and help you to set-up an achievable target.

Discuss Activities that you Enjoy
You must learn how to enjoy exercises if you want to make it a lifelong habit. It is obvious that you won’t love or enjoy every category of exercise in the world! Discuss with your trainer what sort of workouts are offered at the body transformation program and offer him your choices. It is not that you will be performing only those workouts that you love doing. But your trainer will certainly keep it in mind to incorporate some of them in your regular workout routine.

Discuss your Affordability
In order to get the desired result, any workout program must be continued for at least a month or two. Therefore, always discuss the fees before joining just any exercise class. Opt for a body transformation program if you find gyms and personal training too expensive. Boot camps are held in groups which make it possible for you to share the cost. In fact, group training is one of the most affordable ways of joining a fitness program without spending a fortune on it.

Why is it a Bad Idea to Compare your Fitness Results with your Peers?

It’s assumed that you can attain your fitness goals prompter, should you go along with them in the company your friends. In the company of a friend, you are more likely to get extra benefits such as, benefit of outer perspective, motivation to continue, disciplined routine etc.

That being said, rushcutters bay personal training does not appreciate the idea of comparing your fitness results with your peers. Let’s understand why it’s not considered as a good idea.personal trainer rushcutters bay

Undue Pressure
Comparing your fitness results with your peers is not correct, because you all have different body types, with different strength and stamina. Working under the same conditions, results tend to vary on the basis of your body type.

Comparing your results with your peer might put an undue pressure on you, or might even lead to depression. You might feel yourself inferior as compared to your peers because your body might be slow in showing results as compared to your peers, so it’s better to refrain from the comparison of results.

Different Endurance
Your body endurance relies on a number of factors such as, the diet taken by you, how much rest you take, and what are your mental and emotional situations. These factors affect your fitness results to a great extent.

A personal trainer in Rushcutters Bay educates its clients about the facts such as, you might not be in that much comfortable situation, as your peers are, so it would not be right to get disappointed by comparing your performance with your peers.

Different Fitness Goals
You all join fitness centers with different fitness goals. Your personal trainer and fitness expert designs your exercises on the basis of your self-defined objectives. It might be to lose weight, to work on your health condition, gain the number of muscles or anything else.

Just like you, your peers also join fitness centers with their set objective. It is not judicious to compare your fitness results with that of your peers.

Health Conditions
Health conditions of all the clients in the fitness centers also vary. Your health conditions help your personal trainers in tailoring the exercises for you. Exercises can be used as an effective tool to deal with various health problems such as, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart problems, high cholesterol level etc.

Most Rushcutters Bay personal trainers suggests its clients that it’s more important for you to get hale body, and save your body from the harmful effects of these severe diseases. Comparison with your peers might deviate you from your fitness objectives. You might waste a lot of your precious time in comparing you with your peers, rather than using it on exercises.

Unhealthy Competition
Comparison with your peers might bring you in the situation, where you try to prove yourself better than them. Under such as a situation, you might decide to practice intense workouts, breaking the barriers of your body.

You are more likely to suffer from overtraining, which will not only affect your fitness routine, but also your personal and professional lives. Rushcutters Bay fitness trainers educates its clients to stay goal oriented, and refrain from unhealthy competition with peers. Check out the Rushcutters Bay personal training website for more information.

Why You Should Never Ever Skip Breakfast: An Arguement For Breakfast

There are not enough hours in the day to get everything you want done accomplished, and many people feel that skipping breakfast saves time. This is something that many people are guilty of, and not eating a proper breakfast each morning can take its toll on your health. What you may find even more shocking is that people who don’t eat breakfast end up gaining more weight than those who do.


Your body has nutritional needs that need to be met on a daily basis. The only way you can ensure that your body gets all of the nutrients it needs is by choosing to eat breakfast each morning.

Eating breakfast can give your brain an energy boost, as it runs on glucose. If you work late or have to stay up studying most of the night, a well-balanced meal can make a difference in your daily performance. It also allows you to feel a bit more energized in the mornings and get out of the “slump” you feel when you skip breakfast.

Eggs are actually the perfect breakfast item, and they can in fact make your skin healthier and more beautiful. They are jam packed with carbs, proteins, vitamins A and D as well as several antioxidants.

Kids and adults alike are bound to feel more irritable when they don’t eat breakfast. Even more so to the point, kids are unable to concentrate properly in school when they don’t eat a healthy breakfast.

As it was said in the beginning of this article, you can avoid gaining weight by eating breakfast. People that don’t eat in the mornings will reach for food later in order to feel fuller. In a study that was conducted, it was found people who eat a breakfast eat a smaller lunch as their stomachs don’t feel as empty.


Safe Snacks to Indulge in when Trying to Lose Weight

Dan Clay at Dangerously Fit Personal Training in St George is very particular about following a customised diet chart along with a structured weight loss program. A healthy diet should be high in lean protein and fiber and low in carbs and fat. However sometimes you might crave for snacks and these snacks may ultimately wreck your eight control plans. Here is a lift of safe and healthy snacks to munch on without worrying about weight gain.

personal trainer st george
Dan Clay – a St George Personal Trainer Share Some Great Healthy Ideas

Healthy eating is a lifestyle
The bottom line is to change your attitude towards food. Healthy eating is not a onetime decision it’s more of a conscious life style choice. Once you get used to making healthier choices in food you will feel cured of digestive problems and will constantly feel buoyant and energetic.

Learn to substitute cheese/butter popcorn with plain unsalted popcorn, sour cream with salsa and chips with sodium free pretzel. Accommodate plain yoghurt in your life and get rid of sugary creamy dairy treats. Make your snacks natural and organic and nutrient rich. Keep out fat, sugar and sodium from your diet. Dan Clay – owner of Dangerously Fit and a St George personal trainer shares some healthy snacking options. These are the types of foods you should be consuming when you’re following an exercise program or training with friends in group fitness classes.

Healthy Foods
Getting healthy food ideas for good living!

Frozen corn and peas
Frozen veggies have a naturally sweet flavor because they haven’t been degraded into starch. Consuming half a cup of peas has about 55 calories and 3 grams of fibers while corn has 72 calories and 2 gm of fiber. This high fiber low calorie combination makes corn and peas a winning formula for weight loss. Having frozen corn and peas is fun because they have this candy like quality about them. If you want to add some flavor, toss them around a yoghurt based dressing or sprinkle on some ketchup.

Dan Clay recommends this snack as a healthy option. Check out some more of Dan’s healthy eating ideas here:

Granola Bars
Granola bars are made expressly for the purpose of healthy snacking. Each bar has about 130-140 calories each and is stuffed with real nuts and whole grains. Each typical bar will contain 4 grams of fiber, real nuts and 5 grams of protein. The bars actually taste great which is why they are a favourite with Dan Clay’s clients. If you feel hunger pangs striking then fend off the attack by munching n a granola bar.

Decorated apples
St George personal trainers say that having more amounts of fruits and vegetables per day can make you lose weight. The fruits like apples will have low calorie density and high volume. It will only take you five minutes and a little decoration with a knife to cook up a healthy yet delicious snack made with a fruit. Cut the apple in four pieces; add walnuts and a spoon of low fat maple syrup. Alternatively you can also add peanut butter.

Have a bowl of oats
Oats are the classic solution to hunger pangs. They offer infinite variety and lots of dressing options so you will never get bored. You need about 5 minutes to prepare a healthy fulfilling bowl of oats.